Wings Over Camarillo

Wings Over Camarillo

by John Thow

The Camarillo Airport is home to both the American Aeronautical Foundation (B-25 Executive Sweet) and the Commemorative Air Force’s Southern California Wing, which makes for some great warbird action at the Wings Over Camarillo Air Show.

Over the years this air show has gone through a variety of looks. It began as a fairly basic local air show with a collection of civilian performers and flybys with a few warbirds making up the show finale. Eventually, as the show gained momentum it attracted some military aircraft including some Hornets, C-130s, E-2 Hawkeyes, S-3 Viking, Ospreys, and more. We haven’t seen the Hornets in a few years now, but I understand they are expecting a C-17 for the 2017 show this August.

One of our favorite aspects of the show is the Veterans tent. This is a great opportunity to speak with some of the great pilots who flew these amazing airplanes in combat during the second world war. It is a real treat to hear those stories from the men who lived them. As the years are passing, this opportunity is becoming rarer and rarer, we highly recommend taking advantage of this while you can, it is a great learning experience for the kids too.

Over the years, the AAF’s B-25J Mitchell, Executive Sweet, and CAF warbirds have been joined by a few friends from Chino’s Planes of Fame Air Museum, resulting in quite a turn out from the warbird community. We have seen such legendary aircraft as the P-51 Mustang, P-40 Warhawk, P-47 Thunderbolt, P-38 Lightning, SBD Dauntless, F4F Wildcat, F6F Hellcat, F8F Bearcat, AT-6 Texan, SNJ, Harvard, A6M Zero, N9M Flying Wing, PT-22, F4U Corsair, C-47 Skytrain and more. In addition, there are classic airplanes on static display and even an annual car show.

It is a fun weekend of flying and a great way to wrap up summer vacation for the kids.

Camarillo is a great place to see classic and vintage airplanes.

Camarillo is a great place to see classic and vintage airplanes. J.Thow ©

B-25 Executive Sweet is coming in to land while P-51D Man O War makes a high speed show pass.

B-25 Executive Sweet is coming in for a landing while P-51D Man O War makes a high-speed show pass. Photo: John Thow ©

P-40 Warhawk

P-40 Warhawk taxis out to the runway to perform at Wings Over Camarillo Photo: Dan Thow ©

Northrop N9M Flying Wing

Last of the Northrop N9M Flying Wings on the ramp at Camarillo. Photo: John Thow ©

The Goodyear Blimp

One year the Good Year Blimp even made an appearance J.Thow ©


Ventura County Sherriff’s Department Huey makes a water drop over the infield. J.Thow ©

DC-3 Airliner

Luke, Dan, and I in front of Clay Lacy’s DC-3
Photo: John Thow ©

B-25J Mitchell "Executive Sweet"

B-25J Mitchell bomber prepares to taxi out for the AAF’s turn in the show.

P-38 Lightning "Honey Bunny"

P-38 Lightning “Honey Bunny” turns to land at Camarillo. Photo: J. Thow

1. Remember this is not a Military Air Show so there is an admission fee. Tickets can be purchased online or at the gate. For more information have a look at the Wings Over Camarillo website.
2. Don’t miss talking to the Veterans.
3. Get over to the AAF booth and take a ride on B-25 Executive Sweet. They can be found near the CAF hangar.


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