Minter Field Air Show and Fly-In

Minter Field Air Show & Fly-In

by John Thow

Minter Field in Shafter, CA was an Army Air Corps training base during WWII. For several years, from roughly the early 1990s through 2013, the Minter Field Air Museum hosted an air show and fly-in at the small airport. The show hosted a variety of civilian performers and static displays alongside some warbirds and the occasional military flight demo.

We always enjoyed the show as it had a small-town feel and was a relaxed day of food, flying, and fun. We often attended the event as guests of the show sponsor, Ventura Hobbies, and loved that the show featured a good annual BBQ, courtesy of that sponsorship.

I any case, we thought you would enjoy seeing a few shots from the event. The air museum is still there, maybe one of these days they will get the show going again.

AT-6/SNJ Texans

A formation of three AT-6 / SNJ Texans and one Canadian Harvard over Minter Field in Shafter, CA. Photo John Thow ©

The legendary Strega P-51 Mustang Air Racer.

Strega – modified P-51 Mustang Air Racer. Photo: John Thow ©

B-25J Mitchell Executive Sweet

B-25J Executive Sweet was a regular at the show. Photo: John Thow ©

Boeing Stearman Biplane

This is a throwback to old-school flying, this Steerman sells rides and pulls banners. Photo: © John Thow

BT-13 Vultee Basic Trainers

A pair of BT-13 Vultee Basic Trainers, Minter was full of these in the ’40s. Photo: © John Thow

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